The Guinean Alliance for Education and development (GAED) will provide two categories of scholarships to high performing and promising students to attend schools and universities in Guinea and around the world:

1) Scholarship to study abroad will be awarded to eligible:
a) Students who score among the top 10% in Guinea’s national high school exam in the different field options.
b) Students of Guinean Descent living abroad, enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education
b.1) A.S. Timbo Scholarship Fund

2) Scholarships to study within Guinea, will be awarded to eligible high performing and promising students.

If you are applying from Guinea, click here to download the application.
All other applicants, please fill out the application below:

Student's Full Legal Name:
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Permanent Address:
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Expected date of graduation:
What Type of Degree will you receive?
Name of the High School you graduated from:
High School Address:
Date of graduation:
What was your GPA?:
In 300-500 words, please share your background, community involvement, and why you deserve this scholarship:
ou can also upload your 300-500 words essay sharing your background, community involvement, and why you deserve this scholarship here:
You can also upload any proof of community involvement here:
Upload all other supporting documents here into a single File: