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In today’s increasingly digital world, access to technology isn’t just a convenience – it’s a prerequisite for academic success. However, many students from economically disadvantaged communities in Guinea lack the resources to acquire essential tools like computers. This stark digital divide hinders their ability to excel in their studies and limits their opportunities for future success.

The Cause:

At GAED, we are deeply committed to bridging this digital divide. Our initiative aims to provide free computers to deserving students, empowering them to overcome barriers, unlock their full potential, and achieve academic success. Without access to technology, these students face significant challenges in accessing educational resources, completing assignments, and developing crucial digital literacy skills. This puts them at a significant disadvantage compared to their peers who have these resources readily available.

The Impact:

Your support can transform lives and create lasting change. Here’s how:

  • Educate: Equip students with computers, enabling them to access online resources, complete their assignments, and participate fully in their education.
  • Empower: Help students develop essential digital literacy skills that are crucial in today’s technology-driven world.
  • Equalize: Level the playing field by providing students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the same opportunities as their more privileged peers.

Consider the story of my trip to Conakry and Labe in December 2017. During this visit, I witnessed firsthand the profound impact of our donations. Alongside our past President Mamadou Keita and other members of the GAED team, I met with university leaders and presented computers generously donated by Agilent, one of our corporate partners. The gratitude and excitement from the students were unforgettable and deeply moving, highlighting the profound difference that even a simple laptop can make in their educational journey.

The Urgency:

The need is urgent. Without these essential tools, many talented students in Guinea are not only falling behind in their studies but are also unprepared for the modern workforce, where digital skills are crucial. Our goal is to raise $6,000.00 by August 30, 2024. Achieving this target will allow us to provide essential computers to numerous deserving students through our initiative.

Join us in our fight to expand access to essential academic resources.

We need your help. Here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Donate: Every dollar counts. Your generous donation will bring us closer to our goal and directly support students in need.
  2. Share: Spread the word about our mission. Share our campaign with your friends, family, and social networks and encourage others to donate—it all adds up! Your support helps us reach more people and make a bigger impact.
  3. Volunteer: Join our team of passionate volunteers and make a direct impact on the ground.

Thank you for considering this important cause. Your generosity will not only change lives but also uplift entire communities. inspire hope, and create a future where every student has the opportunity to thrive.

Together, let’s empower Guinea’s brightest future leaders!

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