Stories That Inspire: Meet Namory Conde.

In life’s big adventure, where dreams often seem distant against the backdrop of challenges, Namory Conde’s journey with GAED emerges as a blazing testament to unwavering determination and resolute hope.

As Namory prepared to embark on his college journey, financial hurdles threatened to dim his aspirations. But amidst the uncertainty, GAED stepped in to provide him not only with a computer but also crucial financial support, ensuring he could pursue his studies without the weight of financial burdens holding him back.

With GAED’s unwavering support as his compass, Namory embarked on his academic journey with renewed determination and purpose. He recounts that GAED’s support was more than just financial assistance; it was a lifeline of encouragement and belief.

In moments of doubt and hardship, Namory found solace in knowing there was an organization standing firmly behind him, cheering him on every step of the way. This support fueled his desire not just to succeed but to exceed expectations, proving that GAED’s investment in him was well-placed.