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Raised: $1,790 /  Goals: $50,000
Campaign Duration: Campaign has ended
Join our campaign: "One City, One Learning Resource Center". The Alliance believes that every city in Guinea should have at least one library or Learning Resources Center, which is not the case in many Guinean cities. This initiative is to raise awareness of this crucial need in the quest for building better learning opportunities for Guinean students, who will have to compete with other students around the world in this ever changing global environment. We believe that existing libraries should be refurbished. We cannot stress enough having this vital resource in quest for knowledge. Libraries or Learning Resources Centers benefit nearly everyone. They enhance learning for students and encourage them to deeply engage in a particular subject matter through research. Libraries and or Learning Resources Centers also serve as fact-finding sources for the community where citizens can use the library and their powerful research databases and other information resources to get information on variety of subjects from history to entrepreneurship and other subject in between.

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These include Dundee Families, which has influenced family support services across the UK. When a flood takes your home, your food and everything you own, and you fear that your children might drown on their way to school, life as
you know it’s shattered.ActionAid works with women and children hit the hardest by climate. We pioneered the Roots of Empathy programme She described how she entered New Hall Prison feeling scared and guilt.

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Our work covers a wide range of policy and legislative areas including:

  • Child protection
  • Children’s rights and citizenship
  • Youth employment
  • Child poverty
  • Youth justice
  • Disability

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Nick Hamilton, Managing Director at InConnection, says:

We are delighted to confirm Rainbow Trust as our chosen charity at this year’s London Comedy Lunch, providing support to a fantastic charity in what promises.
to be an afternoon of belly
busting laughter.

The London Comedy Lunch is now in its 5th successful year and this year Al Murray is headlining. Al, best known for his British Award Winning ITV1 series Al Murray’s Happy Hour.